Shipments and delivery times

1. The shipping fee will be paid by the customer separately on the date of delivery or as part of the payment for the product, according to the rates specified on the cart page.

2. In the sale in installments, the store may charge the shipping fee in the first installment.

3. The customer will be allowed to pick up the product directly from the store by prior arrangement with the store regarding the place and date of collection.

4. It is agreed that in the event of collection by the customer, no delivery fee will be charged from the customer.

5. Items worth more than NIS 1,500 will be sent by registered mail / courier to the insured only, hence the shipping fee will be higher, and it is recommended that the customer consider shipping via courier.

 The package will be delivered to a shipping company within 3-10 business days from the date of confirmation of payment for the order (tax invoice) or subject to the delivery time registered on the website (the longest of them),

However, it is in no way responsible for the delivery times of the courier or the Israel Post.

5.1 An order placed on Sundays-Wednesdays from 14:00 will be considered as if it was made on the next business day and therefore the day on which the order was placed is included in the count of business days.

5.2 An order placed on a weekend starting from Thursday at 14:00 will be considered as if it was made on the business day of Sunday of the week and therefore the days on which the order was placed until Sunday of the week are not included in the count of business days.

5.3 The number of delivery days is counted from the moment the customer is notified by e-mail (entitled "Your order from the Sign and Citrus website has been launched) and not from the customer's order date since this e-mail constitutes final confirmation of the actual existence of the company's stock and packaging"

6. Delivery times are subject to writing on the product page and in the case of a product cart the maximum delivery time will be according to the product with the longest delivery time. Or Israel Post.

7. Free deliveries on orders of over 300 NIS including VAT. For orders of less than NIS 300, the customer will be charged a delivery fee of NIS 30

8. In case the shipping company will not be able to locate the customer or reach him by phone because then the package will be returned to the site operator's warehouses and additional delivery will be charged a fee of 30 NIS.

9. In the event that the customer requested to leave the package with a third party or anywhere else without manual delivery, the site operator will in no way be responsible for cases of loss or theft of the package and in such case the payment for an order will not be refunded to the customer.

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