Product exchange / return policy

Product return

Product credit / exchange will be made with a purchase invoice only within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Credit / exchange will only be possible for products that were not opened from their original packaging, were not damaged and there was no tangible deterioration in the product and its packaging and that no use of any kind was made of them.

The credit amount will be the same as the amount actually paid at the time of purchase of the item or against return of the product a credit voucher will be given.

This credit will be valid for 6 months from the date of return, after that date the credit will not be honored. If the credit

Lost / stolen / corrupted, the credit will not be replaced and it will not be possible to provide another credit and / or compensation for it.

The credit will be given according to the price actually paid.

Only after receiving the return of the order products will the site receive the customer a refund calculated according to the amount paid by the customer for the returned products, less the shipping fee collected from the customer, minus the shipping fee to collect the return from the customer if any, minus the price of products not returned for any reason. Usable, and less a cancellation fee at a rate not to exceed 5% of the order amount or up to NIS 100, whichever is lower (hereinafter: "cancellation fee"). The customer's credit for a refund will be made by crediting the means of payment in which the customer paid for the order he canceled.

* In the event that the customer is interested in replacing a certain item / repair as part of a warranty and without a warranty, the customer will be able to arrive by prior arrangement at the company's warehouses and make the replacement.

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