"...I received the best prices on the market, professional and courteous service. You can feel that the business is run by a Shliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe..."
Rabbi Mendi Gurari
Chabad Shaliach in Atlanta
"...A special combination of Mehadrin kashrut without any compromises and especially high-quality products, and this is in addition to exceptionally warm and personal attention ..."
Rabbi Yehuda Teichtel
Rabbi of Berlin
"...The excellent service, the concern that everything will arrive on time, the price and the quality are an excellent reason to purchase at "Ot VeHadar”.

Rabbi Menachem Lazar
Rome, Italy

Why does everybody choose us?

Kosher Lechatchila

All the Stam of "Ot VeHadar" is at the level of "Lechatchila", without any questions, without any doubts, and all the letters are placed on the parchment in their proper shape.

Certified authority

Every product leaving the home of "Ot VeHadar" has been carefully inspected by Rabbi Elad Cohen, a certified Rabbinical authority, and is strictly kosher Lemehadrin.

wholesale & individuals

In "Ot VeHadar" every order is regarded as a "Ben Yachid )only son(". No matter what and how much you order, we will always be happy to provide you with high-quality Mehadrin Stam - this is our mission.

Strictly kosher

To our Kosher LeMehadrin customers, we offer unique merchandise at a strictly kosher level - where the beauty, splendor, and kashrut are at an especially high level.

Fair prices

When our scribes trust us and receive orders from us on an ongoing basis, we can provide fair prices. As a result, our customers receive the best prices on the Stam market.

Worldwide shipping

No matter where you are located, the Stam you purchase from us will reach you in a dignified manner - as befits Stam - anywhere in the world.

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