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Special price list for Shluchim for tefillin and mezuzahs and for all the products on the "Ot VeHadar" website

The Shluchim registered on the site, ranked as "Shluchim", receive a special price list for all the products appearing on the site.

Everything started when we began receiving many inquiries from Shluchim about the high prices of Judaica products, tefillin, and mezuzahs. As is well-known, the Shluchim’s purpose isn’t to make a profit, but rather to provide Judaica products to Jews across Israel and the world, so why should they pay regular prices?

Although cheap prices for tefillin and mezuzahs can be found, the quality of the products is low and problematic. Therefore, we decided to invest in finding an organized solution for Shluchim so they can purchase the best quality at cost prices.

טופס הרשמה לשלוחים

Today we are happy to announce to the Shluchim in Israel and across the world, that not only tefillin, mezuzahs, and Stam products can be found on our site at cost price, but also all the Judaica products that exist on the market. Since the opening of the Stam institution, many Shluchim order from us tefillin, mezuzahs, and other products, and this makes us especially happy and excited – we serve each Shliach personally.

So how do I sign up?

  1. Please select "Registration for Shluchim" in the subject box in the registration form.
  2. Then add an email to open an account.
  3. In the message, insert the name of the Shliach, the place of Shlichus, and a link to the website of the Chabad House.
  4. Within 24 hours, we will open a user account for "Shluchim" for you and you will be able to see all the products on the site with the updated prices for Shluchim.

Much success in your Shlichus!

Rabbi Elad Cohen

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